About us

We develop machine-independent CAM systems for wood, plastic and aluminium production.

We deal exclusively with wood, plastic and aluminium processing CNC technology.

Our services and products are based on three pillars:


Our sophisticated CAD/CAM software solution as a parametric workshop-oriented CAM system for 3-, 4- or 5-axis machines, 5-axis simultaneous machining and 3D form milling offers a fast and safe way to machine programming.


Option modules for NC-HOPS

Optimizations such as part nesting, tool and process optimization, part document plans, suction cup position proposal, clamp position calculation, data transfer from ERP/PPS systems shorten processing times and support handling of the machine.


Consulting & Software Engineering

Creation of project-related system solutions from as-is analysis to implementation in machine processes and integration in a heterogeneous environment, e.g. solutions for CNC wall production in the prefabricated house sector, control of laser projection at document tables in caravan production.

We are specialists for tasks in wood, plastic and aluminium processing CNC technology.


more than 20 years of experience and competence in CAM application


on-schedule and well planned execution of the machine connection


well over 13,000 installations worldwide, making us a leader in the industry


Price loyalty for agreed scope of services


extensive knowledge of machines and controls


partnership-based cooperation

Our Team

Experts from the wood, metal, data technology and information technology sectors

The direkt cnc-systeme team consists of experts from the wood, metal, data technology and IT sectors. The close cooperation of sales, technology, development and project management is an important success index and the basis for a high quality in sales, products and execution.

At the first presentation a competent system consultant with extensive knowledge about machines, manufacturing processes and CNC technology will be at your side. 

Decades of experience in the use of CNC software solutions In almost all areas make this team a strong partner.

Your Benefit

benefits for customers

The focus for the end user is on the optimal integration of a CNC machine into his production . The product to be manufactured and the specified production times make the decisive demands on the machine and software solution.

Already with Consulting the partnership cooperation with the customer begins with us. Not only the software solution is the center of our actions, but also engineering and service. We are your competent partner and are anxious to fulfill all your software requirements. The size of the company does not matter.

The requirements for CNC technology are the same:


Integration into an existing environment


Fast and easy program generation


Optimized and safe processes

A history full of innovation

Since 1992 NC-Software and CAD/CAM is our core

Not least because of continuous innovation, we are where we are. Thus, direkt cnc-systeme brought the first parametric CAM system under Windows® and was for a long time the only supplier in the 32-bit world.

CNC machining on inclined planes, support of 5-axis technology, 3-dimensional representation of the workpiece was implemented for the first time in the so-called WOP systems in software “Made by direkt cnc-systeme”.

These innovations, many years of experience and highly efficient engineering make direkt cnc-systeme a strong partner of machine manufacturers and technologically demanding users for optimal solutions in CNC technology. 

With more than 9,000 applications worldwide, we are now a partner of leading machine manufacturers.


founded in 1992 as direct cnc-systems for the creation of host computer systems and the NC simulation software CASIM as learning software


first fully automatic control of a prefabricated house wall section


Development of the first CAM system CAMtastic on Windows


change of name to direct cnc-systeme gmbh

Connection of first 5-axis machine with definition of free planes


New building and relocation to own company building in Alfdorf


Development start of NC-HOPS as the first 32bit Windows NC variant system


New machine hall and purchase of a 5-axis BAZ


Prototyping of aluminium body parts in the automotive industry

Equipment of leading machine manufacturers with NC-HOPS as WOP system


NC-HOPS receives 3D workpiece display for full visual control


ACADEMY completes interface to CAD import and preparation

Window part import FENmatik enables control of BAZ from window construction


Nesting of parametric parts optimizes part manufacture


Multilingual version of NC-HOPS, e.g. Russian, Arabic, Japanese….


Support of 4-channel machine concepts


NC-HOPS supports 5-axis simultaneous machining


3D material removal simulation with machine display


Today more than 9.000 installations worldwide


4solid® for 3D surface machining integrated in NC-HOPS


New version NC-HOPS 7 with many new features available


betterCAM® for NC programming in 3D solids presented


25 Jahre direkt cnc-systeme gmbh & Neuer Webauftritt

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